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Terms & Conditions

Thank you  for reserving with Amos Transportation. For quality assurance please review your reservation for proper dates, addresses, and times. It is up to you to inform us of any corrections this is not Amos Transportations' responsibility.


Reservations: Reservations can be made on Click “Book Online” and complete the reservation form in its entirety. Advance bookings are due 24 hours before the service date. Bookings made in under 24 hours will be accepted if the schedule for the day permits. All vehicles are monitored with GPS tracking.


Overnight Reservations: Bookings made between 9 pm to 6 am must be a minimum of 20 miles or more.


Payments: We accept payment through PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, and all major credit cards. Members: Monthly automatic debit required. *Membership prices are subject to change. No cash or checks are accepted unless special permission is given by management prior to date of service.


Cancellation/Refund Notice: We require a 48-hour cancellation notice. If the cancellation is made in under 48 hours a cancellation fee may be assessed. 100% non-refundable payment is expected when the reservation is made. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellations must be submitted in writing, via email. The remaining payments Must be Paid 3 weeks before reservation date and will be charged on the card on file. Reply to this email to constitute your acceptance of these terms via Email. Cancellation requests must be done in writing via email to


Unfulfilled Service: If for any reason the firm is unable to perform the service as contracts, its maximum liability shall be limited to a full refund of any monies paid by customers toward their rental or a credit towards future service. In rare instances, we reserve the right to substitute vehicles in the event of mechanical failure. In the event of mechanical failure, Amos Transportation reserves the right to make a comparable substitution. In the event we have advance notice of a vehicle being taken out of service, we will contact you and advise of available options. If we cannot come to an agreement on an acceptable substitution, we will allow you to cancel your contract and receive a full refund. If a vehicle becomes disabled in route to your service, we will send a comparable substitution at no extra charge to you


Five-Day Membership Cancellation: Once the membership begins the member will have 5-days to cancel and will be issued a full refund if no services were rendered. Automatic debit will end right away. If services were rendered within the 5-day grace period, the mileage used will be charged at the regular SUV rate (see rate sheet) and deducted from the refund.


General Membership Cancellation: After the 5-day grace period has passed, if a cancellation is requested, the automatic debit will end right away. If a cancellation is made mid-cycle, no refund for the remainder of the cycle will be issued. The member will still have access to the membership benefits until the end of the current cycle. At the end of the current cycle, membership benefits will cease, and the membership will be deemed inactive.


Wait-Time Fee: A 15-minute grace period is included in the price. If the driver continues to wait past the grace period, the client will be charged a wait-time fee. The wait-time fees are $25 per 15 minutes. Wait-time fees are not charged for delayed flights or trains.


Overtime Charges: 

$100.00 Per Hour Overtime: SUV & Sprinter Vans
$150 Per Hour Overtime: 6, 8 ,10,12 SUV & Sprinter Vans
$200.00 Per Hour Overtime: 13-20 Passenger Trucks/Sprinters
$300 Per Hour Overtime: Party Bus & Shuttle Buses
$300 Per Hour Overtime: Rolls Royce & Specialty Cars

All overtime must be paid in cash prior to engaging over time. OR will be charged to the Same credit card we use for Booking. In the event we have another engagement after your service, there is no guarantee that Amos Transportation LLC Will be available for overtime hours beyond your contracted time block. We reserve the right to conclude services at any moment once the contractual time has expired. We do not intend to be tardy on your service to help us to be on time for our next Trip. If you feel you need more time, please book in advance and we will gladly accommodate to our best ability. Cardholder Acceptance: I read the contract and I accept the Amos Transportation LLC terms and conditions and I understand the deposit is not refundable


Mileage Overage for Members: Any trips or mileage that exceeds the current membership limits for that cycle will be charged the regular rates listed on the rate sheet until the next cycle of the membership begins.


Minimum Mileage for Members: Minimum mileage applies according to the membership plan chosen. Booking requests for under the minimum mileage are subject to availability and may be charged regular rates.


Additional Fees: All parking or tolls that are incurred as part of providing service to your reservation will be added to your total cost. Any items that you requested will be noted and billed.

Rush Hour/Overnight Fee: Any service occurring between the hours of 3 pm to 10 am will be charged a rush hour/overnight fee. See rate sheet for details. Members: No rush-hour/overnight fees apply.


Traffic Congestion: It is agreed and understood that Amos Transportation shall not be held liable or responsible for delays in traffic, roadblocks, alternate route delays as a result of the misdirection of the driver by passengers. Delays for inclement weather shall also be the responsibility of the contracted Amos Transportation does not offer credits during traffic delays, please allow extra time for travel if you feel it is necessary.


Inclement Weather: Amos Transportation will not be held liable to complete a reservation due to inclement weather. The safety of our clients is our top priority. Should weather become too hazardous for travel, the reservation is subject to be canceled. Client deposit will be refunded or can be transferred to another date.


Itinerary Changes: It is the responsibility of the client to advise our office of any changes in your itinerary. If time permits, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Depending on the changes, an additional fee may be assessed. Please consider your times carefully when booking or choose a lengthier package. Stops and addresses should be listed on your booking. All addresses must be provided in advance, Amos Transportation will not be held responsible for time lost mapping new addresses or trying to find landmarks. Please list all addresses in advance to ensure quality mapping and routing.

Customer Responsibility: The reservation holder will be responsible for all guests in the vehicle. Parties causing damage to any of our vehicles during rental will be held directly responsible for any and all repairs and excessive cleaning costs. To AVOID any damage please follow this set of guidelines: no smoking, no feet on the seats, no baggage in the passenger area, no standing, no playing with electrical switches, no reckless behavior. The reservation holder assumes all liability and costs should Amos Transportation need to pursue collection of these fees through the Maryland court system.


Smoking/Alcohol: Our Vehicles are non-smoking. A $ 100.00 charge per occurrence will apply. If needed, your driver will pull over to allow passengers to smoke outside Amos Transportation. Illegal use of drugs is prohibited in our limousines and can terminate ride at no refund to the customer. Alcohol consumption in our vehicle is not permissible if any passenger onboard is under the age of 21, alcohol must not be present during these instances or services may be terminated. In the event of illness, a minimum $350.00 cleanup will apply for steam cleaning and detailing all bodily fluids.


Passenger Count: No chauffeur will operate a vehicle with more passengers than the vehicle is rated to accommodate. Please ensure the vehicle you are renting will accommodate your passenger count.


Lost and Found: Amos Transportation is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at any time for any reason. Amos Transportation shall not be responsible for any items left in a contracted vehicle. It is your responsibility to check the vehicle for personal items. Contracting person agrees that all claims and or complaints must be submitted in writing to Amos Transportation no later than 7days after scheduled event. Moreover, should it be deemed necessary for Amos Transportation to enlist attorneys or collection agencies to assist in collection of monies due for nonpayment of services or a breach of this contract, it shall be at the expense of the contracted event. Failure to comply with any or all terms and conditions of this contract may result in termination of your ride, forfeiture of all payments and deposits. The contracted event acknowledges that upon, reading and understanding the terms and conditions of this contract, hereby agrees by signing this contract.


Substitutions: Amos Transportation reserves the right to substitute an equal or better vehicle at any time due to uncontrollable circumstances such as mechanical, electrical failures, or sale of the vehicle. There will be no additional charges for any vehicle upgrades.


Vomit and Vehicle Damage: In the event, anyone gets sick in our vehicle, there will be a $300 clean-up fee charged to the reservation holder's credit card. The reservation holder is also responsible for any damages to our vehicle regarding broken glasses, electrical or upholstery. The client will be charged for repairs/ replacement. In addition, if the vehicle damaged is unable to perform any subsequent scheduled reservations because of vomit or damage to the vehicle the reservation holder is responsible for revenue loss.

Safety: All clients are expected to wear a safety seat belt. Chauffeurs have the authority to determine if vehicles can safely make tight turns or enter narrow driveways, in such instance’s clients may need to walk to or from the vehicle. For your safety, walking or standing in the vehicle is prohibited while in motion. Amos Transportation will not be held liable for injury sustained if, limousine must come to an immediate stop.


Safety: All clients are expected to wear a safety seat belt. Chauffeurs have the authority to determine if vehicles can safely make tight turns or enter narrow driveways, in such instance’s clients may need to walk to or from the vehicle. For your safety, walking or standing in the vehicle is prohibited while in motion. Amos Transportation will not be held liable for injury sustained if, limousine must come to an immediate stop. During the State of Emergency, all passengers 2 years old and up must wear a mask during the entire time in the vehicles. For more information, please visit our COVID19 page.

Standard of Conduct: All clients are expected to wear a safety seat belt. All passengers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is civilized, respectable and that does not threaten the safety of the passenger(s) and/or driver. Service can be terminated without notice or refund if the driver feels that the conduct of the passenger(s) is inappropriate or that may pose a threat to the safety of the passenger(s) and/or the driver. It is agreed that no person shall cause any contracted vehicle to be overloaded past the passenger capacity of any contracted vehicle. It is further understood that all passengers shall discharge themselves from the vehicle orderly and shall check for personal items before departing the contracted vehicle.


Privacy: All information regarding your reservation or membership is kept confidential.


*Note: All sections of the Terms and Conditions apply to both regular clients and Members. Sections that specify “Members” pertain only to membership holders unless otherwise noted. Terms and conditions are subject to updates.

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