Terms & Conditions

Reservations: Reservations can be made on www.amostransportation.com. Click “Book Online” and complete the reservation form in its entirety. Advance bookings due 24 hours before service date. Bookings made in under 24 hours will be accepted if the schedule for the day permits.


Overnight Reservations: Bookings made between 9 pm to 6 am must be a minimum of 20 miles or more.


Deposits: A deposit is required to secure a reservation. Half of the fee is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due 24 hours before the date of service. Members: First month of membership must be paid to activate the membership.


Payments: We accept payment through PayPal, Cash App and all major credit cards. Members: Monthly automatic debit required. *Membership prices subject to change.


Cancellation Notice: We require a 48 hours cancellation notice. If the cancellation is made in under 48 hours a cancellation fee may be assessed.


Five-Day Membership Cancellation: Once the membership begins the member will have 5-days to cancel and will be issued a full refund if no services were rendered. Automatic debit will end right away. If services were rendered within the 5-day grace period, the mileage used will be charged at regular SUV rate (see rate sheet) and deducted from the refund.


General Membership Cancellation: After the 5-day grace period has passed, if a cancellation is requested, the automatic debit will end right away. If a cancellation is made mid-cycle, no refund for the remainder of the cycle will be issued. The member will still have access to the membership benefits until the end of the current cycle. At the end of the current cycle, membership benefits will cease, and the membership will be deemed inactive.


Wait-Time Fee: A 15-minute grace period is included in the price. If the driver continues to wait passed the grace period, the client will be charged a wait-time fee. The wait-time fees are $25 per 15 minutes. Wait-time fees are not charged for delayed flights or trains.


Overtime Charges: For hourly rates an overtime fee will be assessed if service is needed passed the initial requested time. The overtime fee is due before extended service can continue. Please be watchful of your reserved time. For non-members only.


Mileage Overage for Members: Any trips or mileage that exceeds the current membership limits for that cycle will be charged the regular rates listed on the rate sheet until the next cycle of the membership begins.


Minimum Mileage for Members: Minimum mileage applies according to the membership plan chosen. Booking requests for under the minimum mileage subject to availability and may be charged regular rates.


Additional Fees: All parking or tolls that are incurred as part of providing service to your reservation will be added to your total cost. Any items that you requested will be noted and billed.

Rush Hour/Overnight Fee: Any service occurring between the hours of 3 pm to 10 am will be charged a rush hour/overnight fee. See rate sheet for details. Members: No rush-hour/overnight fees apply.


Inclement Weather: Amos Transportation will not be held liable to complete a reservation due to inclement weather. The safety of our clients is our top priority. Should weather become too hazardous for travel, the reservation is subject to be canceled. Client deposit will be refunded or can be transferred to another date.


Itinerary Changes: It is the responsibility of the client to advise our office of any changes in your itinerary. If time permits, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Depending on the changes, an additional fee may be assessed.


Customer Responsibility: The reservation holder will be responsible for all guests in the vehicle. Parties causing damage to any of our vehicles during rental will be held directly responsible for any and all repairs and excessive cleaning costs. To AVOID any damage please follow this set of guidelines: no smoking, no feet on the seats, no baggage in the passenger area, no standing, no playing with electrical switches, no reckless behavior. The reservation holder assumes all liability and costs should Amos Transportation need to pursue collection of these fees through the Maryland court system.


Smoking: Smoking is NOT allowed in any of our vehicles. Anyone smoking in the vehicle will result in a $300 charge to the reservation holder. Smoking is cause for immediate termination of the reservation with no refund.


Lost and Found: Amos Transportation is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at any time for any reason. However, we will attempt to return any items left behind in the vehicle.


Substitutions: Amos Transportation reserves the right to substitute an equal or better vehicle at any time due to uncontrollable circumstances such as mechanical, electrical failures or sale of vehicle. There will be no additional charges for any vehicle upgrades.


Vomit and Vehicle Damage: In the event anyone gets sick in our vehicle, there will be a $300 clean-up fee charged to the reservation holder's credit card. The reservation holder is also responsible for any damages to our vehicle regarding broken glasses, electrical or upholstery. Client will be charged for repairs/ replacement. In addition, if the vehicle damaged is unable to perform any subsequent scheduled reservations because of vomit or damage to the vehicle the reservation holder is responsible for revenue loss.


Standard of Conduct: All clients are expected to wear a safety seat belt. All passengers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is civilized, respectable and that does not threaten the safety of the passenger(s) and/or driver. Service can be terminated without notice or refund if the driver feels that the conduct of the passenger(s) is inappropriate or that may pose a threat to the safety of the passenger(s) and/or the driver.


Privacy: All information regarding your reservation or membership is kept confidential.


*Note: All sections of the Terms and Conditions apply to both regular clients and Members. Sections that specify “Members” pertain only to membership holders unless otherwise noted. Terms and conditions subject to updates.